Dr. Shobita Punja

Dr. Shobita Punja will present a paper on “Divine Ecstasy: A story about Khajuraho”.

Dr. Shobita Punja
Art Historian
Shobita Punja holds a Bachelor degree in Art History, a Master’s degree in Ancient History from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and another Master’s degree in Art Education from Stanford University, California and was awarded a doctoral degree for her contribution to the field of Art Education in 1982.
She has been invited to lecture on Indian Art at various institutions and universities in India and abroad.
She is author of over 15 books including Museums of India, (Hong Kong, 1990). Divine Ecstasy – The Story of Khajuraho (Viking Penguin, India,1992). Daughters the Ocean – Discovering the Goddess Within. (Viking Penguin, India in 1996).