Dr. Michaël Rakotozonia

Michaël Rakotozonia is a French Archaeologist, specialist in pre-islamic civilizations of Central Asia and North-Western India. Previously member of the DAFA (French Delegation of Archeology in Afghanistan) and of the International mission of Mes-Aynak (A Gigantic Buddhist site located South-east of Kabul, on the greatest reserve of copper minerals in the World), he specialized then in the cultural exchanges between the Persian-Indian area and the rest of the world through the Indian Ocean. In this perspective, since 2012, he has taken interest in one of the greatest port of the Ancient period: Barygaza (the actual Bharuch in Gujarat). He was, at the time, associated researcher at the History Department of the Baroda University.

Following the evidences of his researches, he is now working in the French island of Mayotte, into the Comoros archipelago. Director of the excavations at Koungou (the oldest archaeological site in Mayotte), he is also teaching Civilizations at the Mayotte University and History in the Nelson Mandela middle school (2100 students), at Doujani, the greatest slum of Mayotte island.